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We provide an environment for athletes to excel and reach their full physical potential. 

Step inside – unleash the athlete within!


Each custom program focuses on all key components that make up a well-rounded training routine, including:

60minute in-person training session designed to improve speed, agility, and strength

Dynamic warm ups, mobility training and corrective exercises 

Lateral movement & transition skating techniques

HIIT, plyo and strength-training 

Cool down and stretching routines

Fitness Testing

Nutrition & Supplement Plan Included

On-ice sessions are available upon request

We take each player where they’re at and custom design a program that meets their specific needs. We’ve created an environment that inspires everyone here to be their best. That’s why you’ll find players of all levels, including seasoned NHL pros, working hard to advance their careers.”

Some players just have extra in their stride, extra in their shot and extra in the tank when the third period rolls around… I wanted to be one of those players. When I trained properly in the off-season I had that extra jump I needed to elevate my game when it mattered most.” “I want to pass that knowledge and experience on to players for whom average just isn’t good enough.” TK

Fill out your info here and one of our team will schedule a phone consultation. We’ll discuss your personal goals and which program is right for you!

Unleash your true potential