Team Training


TKSP team camps are fun, challenging and rewarding, helping to foster feelings of healthy competition in a supportive environment focused on team building.

  • Each camp’s focus and training schedule varies according to the time of year and the goals of the team, and are designed specifically to meet either off-season and in-season demands.
  • Programs include professional coaching and holistic sports based nutrition principles in a synergistic approach emphasizing correction, sports specific movements and body conditioning.

Pre-Season Training

  • Pre-season dryland team trainings are fun, sports specific and tough as hell. Players progress through a range of conditioning activities designed to increase strength, agility, speed and overall athleticism.
  • Our fully equipped facilities ensure players get the freedom to run through activities that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

In-Season Trainings

  • In-season trainings are geared around gaining the physical edge on the competition while working through issues that accumulate through the constant grind of on-ice training and games.
  • Taking some time away from skating to focus on mobility drills, flexibility, functional movement patterns and core stability helps players ‘unwind’ and get back to the ice fresh and rejuvenated.

BONUS! Training and Nutrition Seminar (60 Minutes): Free with every training program purchase

  • Activation warm-up based on dynamic movements and result driven game preparation
  • Training session focusing on introductory principles of in-season maintenance
  • Strength Training, yoga, aerobic and anaerobic exercises demonstrated
  • Nutrition & lifestyle seminar designed for players & families · Recovery, recuperation and building strategies
  • Family Meal Planning Walk-Thru with Sports Nutritionists [/column_third_last]

Consider in-season team dryland trainings as the timeout your team needs in order to refocus and stay fresh on the ice.

Team training sessions may be purchased in packages of 10, 20 and above. 


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