One-on-One Training


Each custom program focuses on all key components that make up a well-rounded training routine, including:

  • A training program designed to improve speed, agility, and strength.
  • Dynamic warm ups, mobility training and corrective exercises that address any movement issues and muscular imbalances.
  • Development of motor skills and co-ordination needed to compete at the pro level.
  • Position specific conditioning.
  • Stride mechanics & skating efficiency.
  • Edge work, balance & stability, speed.
  • Lateral movement & transition skating.
  • Sports yoga fundamentals.
  • Cool down and stretching routines for increased flexibility and muscle recovery.

BONUS! Training and Nutrition Seminar (60 Minutes): Free with every training program purchase

  • Activation warm-up based on dynamic movements and result driven game preparation
  • Training session focusing on introductory principles of in-season maintenance
  • Strength Training, yoga, aerobic and anaerobic exercises demonstrated
  • Nutrition & lifestyle seminar designed for players & families ¬∑ Recovery, recuperation and building strategies
  • Family Meal Planning Walk-Thru with Sports Nutritionist


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