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Build Muscle Tone, Lose Fat, And Enjoy The Foods You Want

What is the KINO-Athlete PROGRAM?

Become leaner, stronger and chiseled every week without compromising your lifestyle, budget and time. Long gone are the days of lengthy meal prepping and taxing hours in the gym. The truth is, many people including athletes just don’t have the time and neither did I. Playing pro hockey, studying and travelling took up most of my time leaving very little to spend on meal prepping and training. However, we all know that nutrition and training are important when it comes to looking and feeling your best especially if you are an athlete. I came up with a minimalist approach to training effectively and following a healthy diet which will actually produce far better results than the conventional restrictive programs you may have followed and failed before!

Aesthetics and optimal performance synergistically complement each other. Whether you are buying this program to look shredded on the beach, or you want to lose your beer-belly, or you want to be a powerful athlete – this program has been tailored to adapt organically to your body’s natural needs. Compliment training with key mobility stretches, proper nutrition and key supplements to bullet proof your physique all year round.

AND! That’s what’s awesome about Kino-Shredding: You can achieve best results training only three days per week, avoiding hours on the treadmill; and all while eating the foods you want!

Still not convinced?

Thousands of NEW people are joining monthly…and sharing comments about how effective my programs really are. They are amazed to see these kind of results while still being able to maintain their daily routine.

Achieve the GQ Look

You’ll quickly learn all you need to know about achieving and maintaining a body you can be confident about! Keeping your overall body fat percentage relatively low will sculpt your abs and can lead to healthier skin and even more abundant hair!









Torch body fat

Lose fat effortlessly without tons of cardio and gym time. Maintain your look while still enjoying your lifestyle! Instead of slogging away on the treadmill—which doesn’t always stimulate your body to shed fat anyway— you’ll follow a training program that is not only more effective than long slow duration cardio but also more efficient, enabling you to perform more work in less time.

Lose fat while gaining strength without following a restrictive diet
NO need to eat small meals every few hours!
This is NOT your typical diet! Enjoy the foods you want – all while becoming more shredded than you thought possible!
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Build athletic muscle

Lose your gut, increase stamina and build a chiseled physique! Gladiator muscle is characterized by maximizing gains, defining ripped abs and superior aesthetics.

Why train like a lamb when you’re built like a lion? This program is designed to shed fat, speed recovery, elevate mood and energy levels. By building strength and lean body mass, you’ll elevate your metabolism and that elevated rate will last for days!


  • Growing up playing hockey – I followed boring and restrictive diets that lasted momentarily, robbed me of energy and hurt my playing power.

    The Kino-Athlete Program is different.

    No need to spend countless dollars and hours on food prep or even hit the gym 3 hours a day! All you need to do – is eat 3 balanced and filling meals per day and train 3 times per week. Yup, that’s all! The secret to this plan is that it’s designed to work with your natural body-tempo allowing you to feel healthier, stronger, satisfied and all while being in a calorie deficit for torching fat.

    This won’t feel like a diet and it really isn’t meant to. This program is designed for: 9-5ers, athletes, trainers, night-shift workers, dads, or anyone who just doesn’t have the time to meal prep or spend hours in the gym. AND, yes – you can even socialize while still shredding fat!

  • -Increased energy and stamina

    -A lower body fat percentage

    -Building muscle and losing fat, fast

    -A sought-after V-shape

    -Nutritious, satisfying and healthy foods

    -Improvements in the look of your skin and hair
    -Shredded ABS!
    −An increase in natural testosterone

    -Improved athletic performance


  • This video will detail everything you need to know before you begin including meal plan templates, exercise trackers and more

  • This video will show you how to track your progress and help you stay accountable

  • You’ll learn everything you need to know about food prep and making your food taste great with minimal effort for those busy days. You’ll learn about food storage basics, as well as detailed examples of kitchen gear you’ll need. I will also include my top-10 list of foods known to naturally boost your testosterone levels and maximize your results.

  • Backed by a Sports Nutritionist, you’ll learn which supplements work and which ones don’t. We’ll provide you with supplement recommendations that actually provide value and results – FAST!

  • Learn exact strategies that allow losing body fat consistently. Achieve fast results with superfoods that will help you feel healthier and revitalized. We’ll show you what foods you can enjoy, how much and how often with minimal effort.

  • Workouts designed to: increase stamina, build muscle and help you get shredded fast! Feel stronger and confident performing exercises that actually work better all while spending less time in the gym. Workouts are created with a busy schedule in mind.

  • Is it time to reach a new level? Or maybe you just want to maintain your results? Get your answers here…