Athlete Nutrition

You know that becoming an elite athlete means training hard – but without a proper nutrition plan to compliment your efforts in the gym, you will never reach 100% of your potential. The body is an amazing machine, but like all machines it needs the right fuel to run at its optimal level. Sports nutrition is the science behind this proper fuelling of the body; and we want to put that science to work for you.

Our team of expert nutritionists and dieticians help you realize your true physical potential by creating a custom nutritional program designed with your unique athletic needs in mind. And our online format makes it possible for you to easily connect from anywhere, giving you unparalleled access and support.


A custom Performance Nutrition Program includes:

  • Customized Meal Plans – Tailored to your specific athletic goals and continually evolving as your needs change, your detailed meal plans provide everything you need to fuel your body the right way – from easy-to-follow recipes, to portion guidelines, to proper meal scheduling, to the top power foods.
  • Grocery Lists –  Time spent making grocery lists and wandering the grocery store aisles is precious time that could be spent training.  Let our experts help you get in and out easily and quickly with custom lists that tell you exactly what needs to be in your cart each week.
  • Pro-sport Nutrition Guidance – Knowledge is power; and in order to be truly powerful athletes need to have an understanding of the science behind nutrition and how to harness it.  We teach you how to use food to not only build the strong body you want, but also to correctly manage mood, motivation and energy levels; maximize healing and recovery; and effectively prevent illness and injury.
  • Pre- and PostWorkout Shake Recipes – A pre-exercise meal is paramount in providing energy for working muscles; while a post-workout meal must replenish the body’s depleted energy stores and stimulate the recovery process. Our shake recipes are designed to ensure your body has exactly what it needs to perform at its best during training; then heal and become stronger during rest times. Plus, they taste great.
  • Personalized Supplement Guide – Athletes are bombarded with hundreds of nutritional supplement choices – all promising amazing results. We’ll show you which supplements are best for your specific goals and create a program that will work in harmony with your nutrition and training plans to maximize results.
  • On-going Support – Whether through skype, email, or phone, we are here to support you every step of the way – providing guidance and accountability while giving you a forum to provide feedback so we can ensure your program is always working for you.

It’s not the will to win that matters. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.