At TK Sports Performance Training everything we do centers around excellence. Athletes who sign on for our programs are here to be their best so we guarantee to give our best in return.

Sport is tough, competitive and uncompromising. For many athletes who come through our program, sport is more than just a fun activity — it’s often their livelihood. For professional athletes, the size of the paycheck is determined by performance.

We take care of the details — training, nutrition, recovery and supplementation — so that you can show up and focus on putting every last drop of sweat into your personal best.

The off-season is an opportunity for you to build on the success of the previous season. It’s a time to resolve that next season, and every season thereafter, will be better. We take that opportunity seriously. We want you to feel as though you’re giving yourself the very best chance of success.

The in-season is also an important focus for us and the athletes we work with. Time away from your sport to refresh and work on improvements in nutrition and movement is vital in order to maintain peak performance over a tough season.

We invest in our education by plugging in to the latest strength and conditioning research and nutritional science. Breakthroughs in these fields are made every day and our focus is on bringing that cutting-edge knowledge to you through our programs.

Success is a measure of how you perform relative to your potential. We’re here to help you realize that maximizing your potential is tough, but closer than you think.

Thomas Kiriakou